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Get the book at asapscience.com Sitting can be a nice break from a busy day. But considering many of us spend our entire workday at a desk, followed by downtime in front of a computer or TV,one has to wonder: How exactly is sitting affecting your body? The answer is pretty shocking.

As soon as you sit down the electrical activity in your muscles drops significantly and your calorie-burning rate plummets to about 1 calorie per minute.After only 3 hour of sitting,there is a 50% drop in artery dilation,and as a result a decrease in blood flow.Sitting for 24 hours straight and the insulin in your body loses nearly 40% of its ability to uptake glucose, which increases the risk of type 2 diabetes.
在你坐下的那一刻,你肌肉的電活動會顯著下降,熱量消耗速率跌至每分鐘1卡路里,剛坐下3小時后 你的動脈舒張程度下降50%,并導致血流減緩,連續坐24小時后,你體內胰島素攝取葡萄糖能力下降近40%,這會提升II型糖尿病風險。

And things only get worse from here. After 2 weeks of sitting for more than 6 hours a day,LDL cholesterol,sometimes called the "bad"cholesterol,is increased,along with other fatty molecules putting you at a greater risk for weight gain.
糟糕的才剛開始,連續2周每天靜坐6小時以上后,低密度脂蛋白膽固醇 有時也稱“壞“膽固醇 會上升,其他脂肪分子也會上升,使你增重的風險上升。

On top of this,the enzymes responsible for breaking down fats plunge.And because of the prolonged inactivity, your muscles begin to break down.Gradually,their contractions become weaker,ultimately impeding the pumping of blood to the heart.Even if you work out regularly,the minute you stop moving,the deterioration begins again,in proportion to your sitting time.

And that's the scary part;research shows that just as exercise doesn't necessarily counteract the negative effects of something like smoking,it doesn't counteract the negative effects of too much sitting.A year later,the effects begin to compound,and some studies in women have even shown a decrease in bone mass upwards of 1% every year.
最嚇人的在于,有研究表明,正如鍛煉并不一定能轉變抽煙等帶來的負面影響,它也不能轉變久坐帶來的負面效應,一年后 各種影響疊加在一起,一些對女性的研究,甚至表明骨密度每年最高可下降1%。

Think your brain is more important than your body?Physical movement not only helps pump blood and oxygen to the brain but also sends mood enhancing hormones.When we don't move,brain function begins to slow down.Perhaps the most shocking is that after 10-20 years of sitting for 6 hours a day,you may have lost up to 7 quality-adjusted life years-that is,year without medical issues of death.
覺得你的大腦比身體更重要,運動不僅有助于身體向大腦輸送血液和氧氣,也會輸送促進情緒的荷爾蒙,當我們不動時,腦活動開始減緩,最讓人震驚是每天坐6小時,如此10-20年后 你可能得少過至多7年美好生活,也就是說,沒病或不去世。

For example,the risk of dying from heart disease increases by 64% while the risk of prostate or breast cancer increases by 30%.If everybody sat for no more than 3 hours a day,it's estimated that the average lifepan would rise by 2 years.Simply put,our bodies aren't designed to be sedentary.And sitting for 8 hours a day at work is just as bad for those who go home and wartch TV as it is for those who hit up the gym.

It can literally be a lethal activity.So what's the best solution? We put together a list of the top tips to fight the sitting epidemic,no matter how lazy you are,using scientific research and clever tricks to make it easy.There is a link in the description to that video,which you should definitely watch.